Considering a Back Facial? 4 Things to Know

What’s worse than back hair? Back acne. If you’re avoiding that much anticipated day at the beach because you’re embarrassed by back blemishes like acne, it might be time to take matters into your own hands with a back facial. From providing relaxation to helping give you back the self-esteem [...]

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Facial Frequency: How Often Should You Treat Your Face?

Balancing the time between your facials is crucial. Wait too long and your face will feel all gross, dry and crusty. But don't wait long enough and you can seriously harm the delicate skin on your face. So what's a girl to do? Most professionals recommend getting a facial about [...]

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Skin Care Routine to Prevent a Trip to the Doctor

While acne can already be treated by various skin care products and, in severe cases, an acne facial, it is always better to prevent this condition from taking away the beauty and flawlessness of our face. All you need to do is to have a good skin regimen. And we’re not [...]

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Your Back Needs a Facial, Too

If you think only the face needs a facial, you will have to think twice. Our back needs one, too. Although it cannot be literally called a facial now (some spas even refer to it as a “bacial”), a back facial uses the same techniques and methods used in a [...]

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