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Thermage FLX

A Thermage FLX™ treatment uses radiofrequency technology
to heat the deeper, collagen-rich layers of the skin.

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Thermage FLX

A Thermage FLX™ treatment uses radiofrequency technology
to heat the deeper, collagen-rich layers of the skin.

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About Thermage FLX

Thermage is a non-invasive anti-aging procedure that uses heat through radiofrequency to contour, smooth and tone the skin. The procedure has little to no downtime so it is a great option for patients with busy lifestyles. It is also a great choice for patients who want a subtle, natural and youthful appearance.

How it Works

Thermage works by gradually heating up the deep dermis to stimulate new collagen. Several passes of the treatment area are completed and then identified problem areas are targeted to ensure optimal results. Immediately post treatment, there can be mild redness and swelling which will subside by the next day. The toning and tightening come into effect gradually as it takes time for the new collagen to be formed. Improvements can be seen as early as two to three months and will continue to improve as the collagen forms over the year following treatment.

Areas of Treatment

The face: to improve conditions such as sagging skin, turkey neck, and loose jowls by stimulating collagen production.

The eyes: to minimize drooping on the upper or lower eyelids, and even improve brow position to make the patient look younger and more relaxed.

The body: to firm up the skin on parts of the body that begin to sag or bulge and even to temporarily improve the look of areas affected by cellulite.



Jeff Bass thoughts on his second Thermage treatment with us at the Los Feliz MedSpa. Thermage is a non-invasive wrinkle treatment technique that makes use of radiofrequency to manage signs of aging skin on various parts of the body.


HOW MANY TREATMENTS WILL I NEED?2020-10-04T18:13:32+00:00

We recommend one treatment a year to continue to see results and feel the difference. Thermage is highly effective in toning and tightening problem areas and providing a more youthful appearance. The collagen production needs to be boosted annually to maintain optimal results.

HOW LONG IS THE TREATMENT?2020-10-04T18:12:51+00:00

A typical Thermage treatment will last for about 2 hours when treating certain parts of the face or eye area. It will take about 2.5 hours to treat larger areas of the body.

IS THERE ANY DOWN TIME?2020-10-04T18:12:20+00:00

There is no down time for Thermage. Makeup can even be applied immediately after treatment.

POST PROCEDURE CONCERNS2020-10-04T18:11:39+00:00

There is NO down time  for Thermage. Makeup can even be applied immediately after treatment.


Who isn’t a candidate for Thermage?
Thermage is NOT for any patients with active implants (cardiac pacemaker or permanent implant in treatment area), significant concurrent illness (such as diabetes, congestive heart disease, epilepsy), active infections, immunosuppressive diseases including AIDS and HIV infection, use of immunosuppressive medications, and pregnant or nursing patients.

Is there any preparation for the treatment? 
Remove all makeup and skin care products prior to the treatment. If treating the eyes, remove contact lenses. Remove all jewelry and notify your medical provider if you have any tattooed area or permanent makeup on the face prior to treatment. Take prescriptions 45-60 minutes prior to your appointment on a full stomach.

What should I avoid after the treatment? 
Do not irritate the treated area chemically (anti-aging/acne products) or mechanically for 3 days after treatment or until your skin feels back to normal. If the area is irritated, treat gently – do not cleanse or rub with a face cloth or towel. If medication was taken prior to treatment, do not drive or operate machinery for 4 hours after treatment.

How long until I can resume my usual activities? 
You can resume usual activities right away though you may want to exercise the following day to avoid sweating.

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