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Botox Cosmetic

Fresh Faced and Wrinkle Free in just about a week. Look relaxed and confident
with a little help from our most requested procedure.

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Botox Cosmetic

Fresh Faced and Wrinkle Free in just about a week. Look relaxed and confident
with a little help from our most requested procedure.

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About Botox Cosmetic

Botox is a fast and easy way to achieve a more youthful look. It is a minimally painless injection that works directly on the muscles that cause facial wrinkles like frown lines, lines across the forehead or crow’s feet. When the muscles treated are temporarily weakened the lines will soften and the face will appear smooth, fresh and rested.

How it Works

Botox is made of the botulinum toxin type A, which when used in very small amounts, has been found to temporarily paralyze muscles. On the face this is important because muscles are the culprit behind wrinkles, in this case the wrinkles caused by repeated actions such as frowning or squinting. When injected into the muscle creating the wrinkle, Botox works by blocking the nerve signals to the muscle, stopping the muscle from contracting. With the muscle temporarily paralyzed, the wrinkle on the surface is reduced or disappears.

Areas of Treatment

Botox is very effective in reducing the appearance of lines between the eyebrows (the “11s”), lines across the forehead, crow’s feet, lines above lip and horizontal lines on the neck. A brow lift, jawline lift (Nefertiti) and a lift at the corners of the mouth are also possible. Botox can also treat hyperhidrosis (reducing underarm sweat) and the pain and headaches associated with TMJ.



Cherie Currie at the Los Feliz Medspa with Dr. Michelle Ware for her Botox Cosmetic treatment. Currie was the lead vocalist of “The Runaways” , a rock band from LA in the mid-to-late 1970s


HOW LONG WILL THE RESULTS LAST?2020-10-01T17:07:50+00:00

The effects of Botox generally last 3 to 4 months. As the Botox is absorbed, muscle action gradually returns and with it the lines and wrinkles caused by those muscles. Another Botox session will then be needed to maintain your results. Over time, lines and wrinkles will appear less severe because the muscles are being trained to relax.

WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS?2020-10-01T17:07:38+00:00

A Botox session takes just a few minutes and the injections are delivered with a very fine needle. Results can be seen as early as 3 to 5 days with full impact of the treatment at two weeks.


Bruising and mild swelling at the injection sites are the most common side effects of Botox. Rare adverse reactions include developing an eyelid droop or heavy brow post treatment. Both of these effects can last a few weeks but can usually be mitigated with either eye drops or a small “Botox tweak” to balance the muscle action. After treatment it is important not to lie down for 4 hours, not to exercise the day of treatment and to treat the face gently for 12 hours. This post care protocol can help to minimize these adverse reactions. Both the eyelid droop and heavy brow are entirely reversible within a few months.


How does Botox work? What conditions does Botox treat?
Made of natural purified protein, BOTOX is injected directly into the muscles on the patient’s affected areas to effectively block the nerve signals being transmitted along the nervous fibers that signal the muscles in these areas to contract. This results in reduced muscular activity on the treated areas that is the prevailing cause of wrinkle formation. Over time, the temporary paralyzing action on the underlying muscles will result in a significant reduction of the intensity of the appearance of the wrinkles, making the patient’s skin smoother, firmer, and younger-looking.

WHO is/isn’t a candidate for Botox?
Women who are pregnant or breast feeding are not candidates for BOTOX Cosmetic.

Is there any preparation for the treatment?
There is no preparation needed for receiving BOTOX Cosmetic treatment.

How long does the actual treatment take?
The actual treatment usually takes around 30 minutes total.

Does it hurt? What is the sensation like?
There is the usual discomfort at the injection site as well as headaches, neck pain, tiredness, and dry mouth in some cases.

What can I expect immediately after treatment?
You may notice some slight swelling, which will dissipate within a few hours after treatment. Patients are advised to avoid applying any unnecessary pressure on the treatment areas to avoid additional adverse effects that include swelling of the eyelids, drooping eyelids, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, or even decreased eyesight.

How many treatments are recommended?
Many patients come in for treatment every 3-4 months.

Is there any down time? Side effects?
While there is no actual downtime, you may notice some slight swelling, which will dissipate within a few hours after treatment. You may also notice some light bruising for a couple of days, which is very common and will gradually disappear. You may notice some changes in 3-5 days and complete affects after 1-2 weeks.

If symptoms of an allergic reaction are experienced (such as itching, redness, dizziness, or difficulty breathing) the patient must seek medical attention right away.

What should I avoid after the treatment?
For 4 hours after treatment, you need to keep your head and neck upright. Do not bend over, lie flat, or place your head against a pillow. Allow at least 4 hours to pass before touching, pressing, or manipulating the treated areas.

How long until I can resume my usual activities?
You can resume your usual activities after treatment as long as your head and neck remain in the upright position. Moderate exercise can also be done after treatment.

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