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Dr. Michele Ware and the staff were wonderful. They were generous with their time and made sure I understood what was going on. I had had the same procedure done at a different clinic, with no results. Great results this time and top notch service. Worth every penny.

P. C.

I have been going to the Medspa for over 6 years. Dr. Ware is the best and the best thing about her is she tells you when you want to do some “procedure” that is over the top. She has her patients at heart rather than the money. She is a pro at injectables. Saffron who does the facials and micro derms is just plain fabulous. She is a wonderful person, a true professional and does a extraordinary job. I definitely recommend Medspa !

Jane B.

It’s pricey but you get what you pay for — in this case, confident, excellent service. I’ve been burned (literally!) at places I’ve gone to with Groupons. When a business like this doesn’t need coupons, you know it’s good. Heidi is a consummate pro and everyone from the desk staff to the cleaning lady knows exactly what they’re doing.

Amelia G.

I recommend the Los Feliz Medspa for all services, but particularly Fraxel and Thermage. Dr. Ware does amazing treatments because she has been working with the machines for years and knows how to maximize the settings to get the best results. Also the machines are the most current models available and the pricing is great. If you sign up for their email list, you’ll get updates of specials that you won’t find at traditional dermatologist offices or laser centers offering packages or standard pricing. There is never any pressure to upgrade services and the office is friendly and relaxed- very reflective of the wonderful Los Feliz neighborhood it’s located in. A lot of other places offering the same high end services will try to charm or confuse you with a fancy office or multiple “nurses” doing consults or other strange marketing tactics/treatment combinations, but here you just get a highly trained doctor you can trust who knows what she’s doing.

Jillian V.

Went today for my very first ever treatments of juvederm and a little botox. I just have to say I LOVE IT already! Dr. Ware is an artist. I am ecstatic with the results already! I was concerned with not looking “over-done” at all. I have signed up to get the thermage treatment already and can’t WAIT!
I would highly recommend Los Feliz Med Spa to anyone!

Dorian N.

After my very first visit, I’m a client for life!
Initially went for a Latissue consult/product supply that I had purchased through Groupon last year and was about to expire. Ended up leaving with Latisse and Restylane!

The results were instantaneous and I couldn’t have been more pleased! The next day I grew a little concerned with swelling and she was nice enough to ease me through this over the phone and even follow up with a call the day after that.

Overall, this place is an asset to the spa community. Don’t expect robes and lounging areas, you’re in and you’re out here. Prices are reasonable for the quality of product and service you get and parking was easy and accessible right in front of the building. Definitely will be coming back here!

Jess G.

Today I had my first of 3 IPL facials. I’m half Asian and have been told to be careful because of slightly olive skin. Heidi was AMAZING! She explained everything and tested the laser in increments. My face feels tingly but there was no redness or swelling. I found them from initially purchasing a Groupon for Latisse but I think I’ve found a place to trust my aging skin to. I’ll update as treatments progress.

Treatment update. After the first treatment a few dark spots darkened and then fell off. I saw a small but not remarkable improvement in my skin. I had my second appointment yesterday. Having faired will on my last one, Heidi upped the intensity of the laser 2 settings. It was not exactly uncomfortable but definitely more intense. She was very attentive to my comfort. Anyway, by evening hundreds of little dark spots had appeared on my face and a couple of my larger and more annoying age spots had considerably darkened. This morning half of them wiped off with the washcloth when I washed my face. The rest should be gone within a day or two. AMAZING! I plan on getting the recommended 5 IPL treatments and can’t wait to see the results!

Angela L.

This place is fantastic!

To be honest I was a little nervous about having a consultation regarding cosmetic issues. Being a guy it can be awkward to address things like that. However everyone on the staff (especially Dr Ware) are so friendly and welcoming that I felt immediately at ease. Also the atmosphere is very relaxing and has a zen feeling about it. They even have tea (and it’s delicious).

I wound up having a few procedures and I must say I could not be happier with the result. Everything was clearly explained and I felt as though I was well informed before making any kind of commitment.

Also the prices are very good! After discussing things with my friends I discovered in comparison to other places the prices are well below average. All this without sacrificing incredible facilities and staff.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone get a consultation. This place is truly first class!


I adore this place! Tommy at the front who basically runs the show is super sweet and very accommodating with crazy schedules. I am going to be forty in September and I have crazy wrinkles on my forehead that have basically been there all my life. Two years ago, I took a plunge and tired botox. I looked great but I am uber afraid of needles so I did not keep it up until I met Michele. She could not be more understanding and sweet. If I did not know any better I would say her ability inject without major pain is magical! I think my favorite thing about Los Feliz Med Spa is it reminds me of the Cheers of med spas where everyone knows your name and your always glad you came!

Heather F.

Great customer service in a relaxed office. The cosmetic treatments are amazing and my face is 99% better!! I owe it all to Dr. Michele Ware. I highly recommend her office and her staff. She has the latest technology and will make sure your skin is at its best!!

Polly B.

I have been here twice and both times were such a positive experience. My esthetician Adina, was so knowledgeable and very professional. She helped me find a skin care regime that worked well with my skin type. I got the microdermabrasion and it yielded AMAZING results. It made my skin softer and also has helped with some minimal acne scars. I will be back!

Amanda S.

This is a tiny but top-notch medspa, where the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the environment is relaxing, and the prices are reasonable. There’s no need to travel to Beverly Hills to get procedures like laser hair removal, botox injections or dermabrasion. They use the latest technology in their procedures and never give clients the “hard sell.” You won’t be sorry if you check this place out and get a consultation.

Joanna L.

I also originally visited with a Groupon for Latisse and became a client for life.

I usually feel uncomfortable in posh medspas, especially those in trendy or high-end areas, since I’m more of a low-key geek from Pasadena. I feel like I don’t belong with the rest of the clientele. I’ve done a wide range of Groupons and Living Social deals for beauty services, and seem to often get the hard sell to buy more, which I loathe. I did the research on Los Feliz prior to buying the Groupon, and knew they had good reviews. I’d seen one of the owners, Dr. Ware, demonstrating techniques on “The Doctors.” I was prepared for the usual hard sell when I met with Michele, the Physician’s Assistant, to get my Latisse.

Instead of taking me into an office, she brought the product out and talked to me in the empty reception area, a cozy chic little room with tea and chocolates (yum!). Michele didn’t give me any kind of sell, but just explained the product, gave me helpful (money-saving!) tips, and asked if I had any questions on anything. Well, that just made me want to know about everything they did and how effective it was.

Michele has such a calm, relaxed manner that it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable around her. She knows her stuff and she loves her job, which just adds to my trust. In fact everyone at Los Feliz Medspa is lovely and very welcoming, from Tommie and Ashley to Adina and Heidi and Saffron.

Since my first visit, Los Feliz Medispa has been my go-to spot for everything. I’ve had two Thermages, three Fraxel resurfacing, five IPL/photofacials, botox, microdermabrasion, bought various product lines, and I have several other procedures waiting on my account. Next week I’m getting fillers for my birthday. I can’t wait! Every time I go I have a lovely experience. The people are so warm and inviting. Michele is so good I would trust no other person to laser my face.

I recently had a facial and microdermabrasion with Adina, and she’s exceptionally good. I’ve had lots microdermabrasions at various spas around Los Angeles, and they usually feel like a light, half-hearted scrub, incomplete. NONE were as thorough or effective as Adina’s. She hit every square centimeter of my face. I can’t tell you how much that was appreciated! Finally, a decent facial!

Nobody ever rushes me out no matter what I’m getting done. There’s no question too minor and no concern too trivial here. I’ve been worried about my parking meter running out of time in the middle of a procedure and Tommie takes care of it. When I had to kill time after Thermage to wait for the Vicodin to wear off, everyone recommended cute lunch places to go in the neighborhood. While I was waiting for the pills to take effect the first time I came in for a procedure, Michele and Tommie went across the street and got me a cappuccino! I mean, these people really go out of their way to make you feel at home. I can’t recommend Los Feliz Medspa hightl

Kathleen K.

wonderful experience! friendly staff, reasonable prices and a nice relaxing environment. only been here twice now but will be back for any future cosmetic procedures!

i’ve been to medspa places in beverly hills and the valley and this place is the best overall experience!

jenna b.

Love everyone here! Very professional and great incentives for referrals , monthly specials and always on time…i’ve never had to wait… Love them

H A.

Los Feliz Medspa lives up to its excellent reputation and I feel privileged to have it in my own back yard! I just visited Dr. Sundaram and the Medspa for the first time. The treatment exceeded my expectations. I simply couldn’t be happier.
I was first greeted by the receptionists who were so very cheerful and extremely helpful. They treated me like a long lost friend – and even signed me up for programs to help me save money each time I visit! They really bent over backwards to accommodate me.
Dr. Sundaram gave me the best consultation I have ever received and it was free with my appointment. He really took the time to listen to my concerns and skin issues. I would feel comfortable asking him any question beauty related. He truly listened! He provided me with the information I needed.
As for the treatment, itself, it did exceed my expectations. I am so pleased with it that Los Feliz has my loyalty. Dr. Sundaram is an excellent doctor with an extensive knowledge of his business and I feel I can trust him to treat me based on my individual needs and not sell me a bill of goods I don’t need. I left the office with a complete newfound confidence thanks to the expert treatment and consultation. I needed it because I have a very important event scheduled for the weeks ahead and want to look my very best. Taking my worries into account, Dr. Sundaram went above and beyond to help me.
Here’s the kicker. I didn’t leave broke! The treatments at Los Feliz Medspa are very reasonable and considering the calibur of professionalism, I feel like I have found a gem. I am looking forward to going back – Thank You so much, Los Feliz Medspa Team! You come highly recommended!

katy w.

Awesome place, with great treatments and wonderful, personalised service. I’ve been for botox, juvederm, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and IPL photofacials. Dr. Sundaram and Dr. Ware are kind, realistic and never recommend I get something I don’t really need. They are very gentle and careful to make sure you’re comfortable during your treatment. Their monthly specials make treatments affordable and they have a referral bonus when you refer a friend. They do not have a pre-conceived notion of beauty and embrace the idea that women can look beautiful and natural at any age. The only place I’ll go to for my face 🙂

Erin B.

I have been to the LF Medspa about four or five times now and I ONLY have positive things to say. The initial complimentary consultation helped to identify what skin/laser treatments I could benefit from.

Dr. Ware has been performing the laser hair removal on me with impressive results after just three treatments. I cannot stress how comfortable I feel knowing a doctor is performing these procedures on me. From the decor to the tea, this place is a welcoming and relaxing place to visit.

On a personal note, I also have Dr. Ware to thank for identifying a set of symptoms I said I was experiencing. Her initial thoughts turned out to be correct and I have since been able to proactively treat my previously unknown illness. Had I continued on undiagnosed, my life could have been cut short. Dr. Ware truly cares about each individual and it is very apparent from the first time you meet her to the way she listens. She’s a great doctor and a lovely person.

I definitely have plans to try some of the other services they offer.

Make sure to arrive early as you have to find street parking though I’ve never had a problem finding a place to park.

I definitely recommend the Los Feliz Medspa. I think this place has the potential to become one of LA’s preeminent medspas. Get your consultations now before Dr. Ware has a waiting list!

Pixel I.

This is an amazing place to treat cellulite and stretch marks. It’s affordable, staff is super nice, honest and professional. I am never going anywhere else except this spa! Usually never write reviews, but if you are thinking of AWT vs Endermologie, I can tell you go with this Spa and for AWT. It was the only treatment I noticed results with cellulite.
Hope this helps your spa hunting.

Leanne N.

I love going to Los Feliz MedSpa and Dr. Ware. I scheduled my procedures and bought my first package immediately. She gives great discounts and your account earns a percentage off what is spent. I take her cards with me everywhere, and recommend Dr. Ware and Med Spa to everyone I know. I am “in love’ with my weekly spa treatments, and can not rave enough about the service. The entire experience has helped regain my confidence. I no longer feel like an “old” 36 year old, I am now a new, improved, “young” 36 year old and can’t wait to get out and enjoy life.
For anyone shopping around and looking for a MedSpa with Board Certified physicians, licensed personnel, relaxing atmosphere and great customer service, look no further… Los Feliz MedSpa is the place to be.

Anita C.

This was a truly wonderful experience for me! Truthfully I was a little nervous about having a consultation for my cosmetic needs… but everyone at the Los Feliz Medspa was knowledgeable and friendly and non-judge-y, especially Dr. Ware. She gave me a TON of options, listened and understood all areas of my concerns, but did not pressure me to get ANYthing done.

I’m sure that I had many obnoxious questions, but she was super patient and very encouraging. I’m so glad to have had my first procedure and am looking forward to more!

Go to this place! You will be happy you did.

jasmine a.

Been going here for years. Dr Sundaram is wonderful. Very comfortable and light touch, not heavy handed. Great neighborhood place.

mimi m.

I really love this MedSpa. I’ve been coming here for treatments for a little while now and LOVE IT!!! Everyone is so friendly, the area is relaxing and super clean. There is street metered parking, so don’t forget your quarters.

Anita M.

I purchased a Groupon for some Latisse and decided that since I was going down there, I might as well try out a chemical peel as well. I agree with Jace I. that Adina is terrific. She explained the procedure clearly and took the time to explain how I might resolve the issues I’m having with rosecea. She set me at ease and was warm and engaging. I then met with Dr. Ware, who was also helpful and answered any lingering questions. The interior is clean and relaxing. I was pleased with the experience and I plan on returning in the future.

Stacey A.

Had my first facial there today ever! After moving from NY and a long job search my face was in need of some serious TLC. I left today with 5 years off my face. A local nirvana, floated through the rest of the day even with holiday traffic and crowded stores. I WILL be back and it is sure to be sooner than later. The nicest staff, great specials and no merch pushing. Can’t wait for my next appointment!


I love the Los Feliz MedSpa!! Everyone is so friendly and really knows what they are doing. Dr. Ware is honest and makes me feel very comfortable, even with not-so comfortable treatments. I have been coming here for years now and always have a great experience. I highly recommend!

Tamar L.

Dr. Ware was amazing! Honestly, as weird as it may sound, it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a doctor’s office – she was very knowledgeable and incredibly personable. This visit was going to just be a one shot deal for me, but I will be back because of her!

Janet M.

After an easy-going, thorough and FREE consultation, I made the big move to get “lasered.” SO glad I did! Dr. Ware and her staff are as professional as they are courteous. Plus, the prices were the best I found from calling around to a number
of places. The place is extremely relaxing, complete with a spot of complimentary tea and treats so you can get a mini-sugar fix. Also, for us forgetful types, I was glad to get a friendly reminder about my upcoming appointment. Thanks!

Jon B.

I had a chemical peel done here with Saffron and she is the best! I’ve never had a peel done before so I was a little nervous but she explained everything to me and was not in a hurry and I felt like I could trust her. I am going back this Friday
for another peel.

Hrepsime B.

I have been here half a dozen times for different cosmetic procedures and I am so happy I don’t need to drive all the way to Beverly Hills anymore. I have seen both of the doctors and liked them both a lot. They take so much time, you will never
feel rushed. I have never been kept waiting. The consultation was free and I get nervous about these things but neither make you feel annoying and neither push anything on you. They are really about having you look refreshed so you leave looking
less tired and just better but not “done.” A subtle enhancement. The place is clean and there is always parking to be found. A lot of medspas don’t have doctors administering procedures, which is why so many people end up looking terrible.
This place is great!

Paige N.