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PDO Threads

Defy gravity. PDO threads provide an awe-inspiring facelift alternative
that resurfaces, repositions, sculpts and stimulates natural collagen growth all in one.

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PDO Threads

Defy gravity. PDO threads provide an awe-inspiring facelift alternative
that resurfaces, repositions, sculpts and stimulates natural collagen growth all in one.

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About PDO Threads

We have the latest revolutionary HD PDO threads that can provide a precise treatment tailored to meet your specific age-related needs. Made in Italy, HD PDO threads are thin, strong, long-lasting and incredibly effective.

Smooth PDO threads stimulate collagen and can be used to decrease wrinkles, improve skin texture, re-shape brows and reposition corners of the mouth. Barbed PDO threads revitalize deep wrinkles and can instantly lift brows, cheeks, jowls, jawlines and even sagging necks while also stimulating collagen to continue to support your renewed skin structure over time. HD PDO Threads are the perfect choice to resurface, rejuvenate and even restore a youthful V-like facial shape with results that last 18-24 months.

How it Works

The area to be treated is numbed topically (no painful numbing injections needed!) A needle is inserted into the treatment area with a pre-loaded thread, the needle is removed and the PDO thread remains in place within the dermis. The number of injections varies dependent on a treatment plan identified during the consultation.

PDO threads are made of fully absorbable material called polydioxanone, which has been used in cardiothoracic surgery sutures for over twenty years. They are absorbed by hydrolysis over 4-6 months and work by triggering fibroblasts to produce more collagen in the treated area. This process and the skin structure created will last for 18-24 months.

Areas of Treatment

Smooth PDO Threads can be used almost anywhere there are fine lines and wrinkles; including cheeks, frown lines, around the eyes, the mouth, the jawline and on aging neck skin. Smooth threads can also be used to provide definition to the lip border, reshape the brow or reposition corners of the mouth.

Barbed threads are often the best choice for; lifting the brow, cheeks (reducing the naso-labial fold), jowls and sagging jawline. They are also used to provide deep revitalization for acne scarring or for an aging and/or sun-damaged décolletage.



Nova Threads are FDA-approved methods for lifting facial tissue that do not require incisions or invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Michele Ware at the Los Feliz Med Spa is a specialist on the procedure.


WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS?2020-10-01T22:09:02+00:00

The barbed PDO Threads provide an instant youthful lift. For both smooth and barbed threads, the collagen stimulating process can take 2 to 3 months to see and will continue to improve for up to 18 months.

HOW LONG WILL THE RESULTS LAST?2020-10-01T22:07:55+00:00

With both smooth and barbed PDO threads the results will last 12 to 18 months.

WHAT IS THE DOWNTIME?2020-10-01T22:07:14+00:00

Bruising and swelling are common with this procedure so you want to schedule your appointment accordingly. We do our best to minimize bruising with our Accuvein technology and also by applying arnica and ice post procedure. We also provide specific post treatment instructions to expedite your healing process. The swelling will subside over several days.

IS IT PAINFUL?2020-10-01T22:06:34+00:00

A topical numbing agent is applied for an hour, which helps minimize any pain you might experience with the injections. Following a treatment with barbed threads, there can be tenderness and sometimes a “pulling” or “small pricking” sensation but the revitalized outcome is well worth a few weeks of mild discomfort.

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