While acne can already be treated by various skin care products and, in severe cases, an acne facial, it is always better to prevent this condition from taking away the beauty and flawlessness of our face. All you need to do is to have a good skin regimen. And we’re not just talking about the basics.

Choose a good exfoliant. 

A good skin care routine always consists of a handy dandy exfoliant. Whether or not you have some breakouts here and there, your mornings will always be meaningful if you start them by applying an effective exfoliant to the face. Choose one that has tiny beads that clear away the dirt and other impurities in your skin. An exfoliant is also responsible for sloughing away dead skin and producing a smoother one.

Get a spot treatment ready. 

When you have acne-prone skin, you will realize how much you need a spot treatment in your skin care regimen. It could be extra important once a pimple pops out of nowhere just days before an important date. A great spot treatment targets acne and fights deep into the pores to treat the problem.

Moisturizing always works wonders. 

Hydration is needed by your skin to stay flawless and glowing. This is also essentially important in stopping acne before it breaks out. A moisturizer that contains salicylic acid will do twice the work on your skin. Aside from preventing acne breakouts, this type of moisturizer can diminish the dullness and oiliness of the skin.

Acne Facial in Los Angeles 

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