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What is Juvederm?

Juvederm Los Angeles
Doctors at the Los Feliz MedSpa in Los Angeles, CA say that if you are a patient who is unsatisfied with the way you look because of sunken facial features, thin lips, or because you have moderate to severe facial creases, then the breakthrough dermal filler Juvederm is for you. Juvederm is a colorless, injectable dermal filler that is a derivative of the body’s naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, making it a great hypoallergenic option to smooth wrinkles and restore facial volume. It is administered into the facial tissues, particularly on the areas around the patient’s nose and mouth, to add volume to the skin, thereby smoothing out wrinkles and improving the sunken contours of the face.

What does Juvederm do?

When injected into the indicated areas, Juvederm is able to augment the support structure underneath the skin and facial tissues to effectively reinforce their natural framework. Being a derivative of hyaluronic acid, Juvederm is able to not only plump up the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it is also able to hydrate the skin and stimulate the production of natural collagen in the lower skin layers to produce a more natural looking result. Additionally, Juvederm formulations already contain the anesthetic agent lidocaine, which makes the administration of this filler less painful for the patient.

What should I expect from Juvederm administration?

Juvederm is injected in small amounts directly into the facial tissues where the patient wants to get rid of the wrinkles and facial lines, and where additional volume is required. After the injection, Juvederm is able to smooth away the wrinkle by supplementing the underlying skin structure, giving the face a smoother looking texture. Juvederm may also be injected directly into the affected areas of the face with sunken contours, to instantly plump up the region and restore its fullness. The entire procedure will take between 30 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on the extent of the area being treated.

How long are the results expected to last after getting Juvederm treatments?

The results obtained with Juvederm are typically long lasting, with the results of one treatment expected to last between nine months to a year before re-treatment is needed to maintain the initial results.

What side effects are there with the use of Juvederm?

The most common side effects seen with Juvederm treatment includes the swelling and bruising at the injection sites, but these are expected to improve in about a week after the procedure. Immediately after the injection, lumps may be evident on the injection sites but can be easily remedied by a gentle massaging technique that the doctor applies to distribute the drug evenly on the indicated areas.

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