facialsBalancing the time between your facials is crucial. Wait too long and your face will feel all gross, dry and crusty. But don’t wait long enough and you can seriously harm the delicate skin on your face. So what’s a girl to do?

Most professionals recommend getting a facial about every three or four weeks, or about once a month. But obviously, everyone’s skin is different so there’s no right or wrong answer for how long everyone should wait. But there is a right and wrong answer for how long you should wait between facials. You can hopefully use this blog to find the right time frame for you.

The Various Factors
There are many different aspects of your skin that can influence how often you should get a facial. Things such as skin type (oily, dry, combination, or normal), any skin conditions, budget, and the types of products you use at home can all affect your facial schedule.

Applying the General Recommendation
If you have normal skin, as mentioned previously you should be getting a facial about once a month. However, if you don’t have the time or the money to get a professional facial each month, you should at least try to get one every three months, or once a season.

This is because the change in the seasons, from humidity to dry air, from hot to cold, can seriously do a number on your skin. Seeing a professional for a facial will help you keep your skin under control, despite the changes in the weather.

Special Conditions
Many dermatologists will recommend that you if you suffer from acne or generally oily skin, you should get a facial every two weeks. This allows your skin to “dry out” to a natural moisturize level and will help get the acne under control. Just always be careful, no matter your skin conditions, to not ruin your skin by getting a facial more often than needed.

Talk to your professional at your next facial to determine the best routine for you. A dermatologist or cosmetic specialist will be able to give you a better feel for how long you personally should wait between facials.