If you think only the face needs a facial, you will have to think twice. Our back needs one, too. Although it cannot be literally called a facial now (some spas even refer to it as a “bacial”), a back facial uses the same techniques and methods used in a regular facial.

Why get a facial for your back?

Just like the face, the back also gets its own fair share of acne and skin blemishes. However, unlike the face, the back is often neglected since it is indeed very difficult to reach. Although some scrubbing shower tools can rid our backs of clogged pores and other skin problems, it can be a little impractical to regularly moisturize our backs to prevent dry skin and other unsightly skin conditions. A back facial may seem silly to some, but it can be helpful especially for patients who want to expose their backs when wearing swimwear or low-back garments.

What happens in a back facial?

As with a regular facial, deep steaming is also required to open up the pores of the skin in the back. An exfoliating scrub may be done to remove dead skin cells. Depending on the choice of treatment, glycolic peels or dermabrasion may be done during a back facial.

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