If you suffer from severe acne, a facial could be the key to renewal and helping your acne calm down. But your face could also suffer a breakout after a facial. It all depends on who is giving your facial, what kind of facial it is, and how long you are going between facials.

If You Have Fairly Severe Acne
If you have constant acne flare-ups, a facial can help dry out your skin to get your acne under control. A professional will know what to do and how to treat your skin. A facial really works to balance out your skin moisture levels. Less oil means less acne.

If you are getting a facial specifically to treat your acne, that facial will be catered by your facial professional to help your personal condition.

acne treatmentIf You Don’t Have Acne
If you simply get a small breakout every once in a while, a facial can actually increase your chance of having a breakout, especially with blackheads. If the person giving you the facial is too forceful when trying to extract blackheads, the bacteria can spread, which leads to more acne.

Another reason a breakout may occur after a facial is because a facial will often open up your pores, making them more vulnerable to bacteria and allergic reactions. In combination with that, many facial ingredients are what is known as comedogenic, which means that acne forms because the skin gets clogged. While this may seem ironic, that your skin is both open and clogged, the facial will open up the pores and let the comedogenic ingredients in, leading to it being irritated and breaking out.

You may also break out or have a reaction if you are allergic to one of the ingredients in the facial mask or toners. If you are giving yourself a facial at home, be careful to watch the ingredients and be careful with how you are treating your skin. Get recommendations from a dermatologist as to the best at-home facial for your skin type.

If you are aware of what is actually being put on your face, you shouldn’t have any problems.