A lot of people have already thrown away their razors and tweezers. Many of them have visited us here at Los Feliz MedSpa to undergo laser hair removal in Los Angeles and remove unwanted facial and body hair and experience permanent hair reduction.

But while this procedure promises significant outcomes, some effects may not turn out as well as on other patients.

What makes a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatments will reap better results on patients with dark hair and light-colored skin. This is because these characteristics allow the light energy of the laser to target hair pigment directly at the hair follicle, effectively removing the hair.

In the case of patients with darker skin and lighter hair, it is likely for the laser to have a hard time focusing on hairs that need to be treated. But while it is true that laser hair removal could work better on certain individuals, the level of success of the treatment will also greatly depend on the laser technology that is used. Thus, it is best to ask around about the hair removal technology used before scheduling your treatment.

Laser hair removal in Los Angeles

There could be more contraindications for this procedure that you have to know. Patients with certain medical conditions like diabetes or lupus may not be good candidates for laser hair removal. For more information regarding the procedure and to know if you are a good candidate, you may call our team of experts at 323-664-0186 for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!