Hair removal can be a pain—literally. Whether it hurts your body (as it does) or your pocket book (which is also true), no one likes to take the time and go through the hassle of hair removal. But if you want to have smooth and silky legs, then you’ve got to do something. Here are your options.

The Traditional Razor
The most common hair removal method is the razor. While any razor can remove the hair from off your legs, specialty razors can help you get the legs you want. Not only will they be hairless, but they will be silky thanks to multiple blades or lotion strips.

laser hair treatmentHowever, there are many downsides to razors. It is very easy to cut yourself. Replacing your razor over and over again can get expensive. However, perhaps the most frustrating thing is that if you want to keep the results of your shave, you need to repeat it—and often. Whether you choose to shave every day or every week, shaving is a constant hassle.

Rip ‘Er Off
Another common option is waxing. Although you can get a good wax at home, a really good wax will be done by a professional. Waxing is generally more painful, at least until you get used to the sting. However, it doesn’t need to be done as often. But you will still be spending a lot of money on supplies, and wasting a lot of time trying to get rid of all that hair.

There are also epilators and tweezers and plucking. These also work more long-term than shaving, but are still far from long-lasting. However, there are downsides. This can often lead to ingrown hairs.

Laser It Away
If you want to save time and money in the long-term, you should look into laser hair removal. It’s very fast and precise. You can target a vast area of your body without harming any of the surrounding skin. Perhaps the best part, though, is that most of the results are permanent, especially after you’ve had a few different treatments. The hair might not fall out right away, but soon it will and you will be permanently hairless—and razorless and waxless.