More and more women nowadays are resorting to cosmetic treatments to reduce facial discolorations, visible capillaries, fine lines, and dark facial hair while overall improving their skin’s appearance. IPL photofacial treatment is one of the most sought-after procedures that have satisfied many patients over the years.

If you have already undergone the procedure and have achieved youthful and more radiant skin, it is high time that you maintain the glow of your face.

What to expect after treatment

  • The IPL photofacial treatment may give you a sunburned feeling on the treated area for about two to three days. To alleviate this symptom, your doctor may advice you to apply cold compresses on the area or prescribe you with pain medications. To prevent irritation, you may also apply a hydrocortisone cream on the area.
  • You may also notice sun spots and freckles to darken over the next couple of days after treatment, but this will fade after 7 to 10 days.
  • The veins in your face may appear swollen and red. At times, bruising may be present. This is a normal occurrence and usually fades after 7 to 14 days.
  • As long as the skin is not broken, you may be permitted to apply makeup. Microdermabrasion can help with exfoliation and may be allowed after 7 to 10 days.

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