Tired with those ugly veins on your legs? How about getting a treatment to eliminate them? Here at our Los Angeles laser vein removal practice, you can find the answer to this problem. There is no need to be anxious about the procedure. As with any other procedure, it is indeed best to keep the facts straight before making a decision whether to undergo such treatment or find an alternative.

What is a spider vein?

Also known as telangiectasia, spider veins appear on the surface of your skin like tiny thread-like veins that could be in the colors of blue, red, or purple. They may spread out like spider webs or branches of trees and occur more frequently in women, especially after they give birth.

How will laser treat spider veins?

Laser has the ability to treat blood vessels by emitting intense pulsed energy. Laser energy is absorbed by hemoglobin found in these blood vessels. Our laser treatment has the ability to target only the unwanted blood vessels, keeping the surrounding skin protected.

Who can benefit more from a laser vein treatment?

A patient can achieve positive results from laser vein removal if he or she has spider veins and want to change the appearance of these veins. The results would also be better if the patient is a non-smoker and living a healthy lifestyle.

What are the risks associated with laser vein removal?

Complications may arise from a laser vein removal treatment. However, these cases are extremely rare. For individuals with darker skin, the treatment may cause a temporary pigmentation problem.

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