Our patients in Los Angeles have resorted to Radiesse to have a youthful face and to counter the effects of aging. It is one of the safest dermal fillers available today, yet many patients still have unrealistic expectations about the procedure. The truth is, just like any other procedure, it poses side effects and requires a great amount of aftercare too.

What to Expect After Treatment

  • The treatment site may appear swollen and tender to the touch for about two weeks after the procedure. It may also appear red and feel itchy during the first few days.
  • Bruising can appear and may last for a couple of weeks. This is a normal occurrence.
  • Radiesse produces immediate effects, but they may be noticeable only after the swelling has subsided.
  • The effects of Radiesse usually last until 12 to 18 months, but you can choose to have touch-up treatments after three to four months to maximize its longevity.

Proper Aftercare

  • On the day of your treatment, it is advised to avoid having a massage or doing any strenuous activities as this can elevate your blood pressure and could have an effect on your injection sites. It can be the cause of swelling and bruising in the areas of treatment.
  • To decrease your chances of infection, avoid applying any cosmetic or facial products to the treatment area for four hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun or any UV lamp as well as to extreme cold weather until the swelling and other side effects have diminished.

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