Is your face sunken and thin? Do you wish you didn’t have as many lines on your face? Do you miss the days of having rosy cheeks and dewy skin? Then a 30-minute Juvederm treatment at The Los Feliz MedSpa might be right for you.

What is Juvederm?
JuvedermA dermal filler, Juvederm is designed to plump up your skin and restore volume to your face. The great thing about Juvederm is that it mimics hyaluronic acid, one of your body’s naturally occurring compounds in the skin. This makes it safe and hypoallergenic.

Juvederm is colorless, and as it is injected, it immediately starts to push up the bottom framework of the skin. It essentially helps prop up the natural structure of your existing facial tissue. This gives its effects a natural look, as it is not trying to create something that isn’t there. Rather, it is simply reinforcing what you already have. This gives you a fuller face and fewer wrinkles. One of the best parts about Juvederm is that it adds extra hydration to your skin. Because it is so natural already, it helps boost the natural production of collagen in your lower skin layers, continuing to help your skin help itself.

An added plus is that Juvederm contains lidocaine, or local anesthestic. This means the filler is less painful as it is injected to do its work.

The procedure at The Los Feliz MedSpa does not take very long. Even if a large area of the face is being treated, the procedure will only take 30-45 minutes. It is easy and short and will take next to none of your time.

You’re Good for a While
Juvederm results are expected to last about a year, give or take a few months, so while Juvederm might seem expensive (one treatment will cost around $450-$1000), the results are long-lasting and worth it.

While there are many dermal fillers out there, not every option is good for every person. Come on into our office and talk to us here at The Los Feliz MedSpa about which filler would be best for your face. LIKE us on Facebook to stay in touch with our Promotions and Giveaways, or call us to schedule a complimentary consultation at (323) 664-0186. Thank you!