Want to Look and Feel Years Younger? Try These 3 Ideas

Everyone is searching for the fountain of youth, but so often it seems to be so elusive. However, today it is in our reach more than ever thanks to new knowledge and technology. It doesn't have to be like the Spaniards in their never-ending search. Here are 3 modern tips [...]

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Are You Having a Baby or a Skin Treatment?: Ultrasound for Your Skin

Although most people think of ultrasound having to do exclusively with babies, that is not the case. Ultrasound technology is very flexible and can be used in a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments. Recently, it has become an important feature in the world of plastic surgery and skin care. [...]

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Three Ways to Guarantee Prematurely Aged Skin

Can we work wonders on tired, aged, and generally lifeless skin? Indeed we can, but at the same time there’s really nothing better than preventing skin from prematurely aging in the first place. There’s no better time to start looking out for your skin’s health than right now, so what [...]

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