Models - 53Can we work wonders on tired, aged, and generally lifeless skin? Indeed we can, but at the same time there’s really nothing better than preventing skin from prematurely aging in the first place.

There’s no better time to start looking out for your skin’s health than right now, so what can you do? The easiest way to get started is to understand the three worst offenders in the world for premature skin aging, in order to then avoid them altogether.

1 – Cigarettes

First on the list comes smoking — that includes any type of smoking. The more you smoke, the worse the effect will be on every last inch of your skin. And while it is those who smoke who are the most affected, even so-called social smokers or occasional smokers will build a lasting and noticeable difference in their skin.

2 – Too Much Sun

You can’t spend your life in the dark like a vampire, but when you’re out in the sun for prolonged periods, there’s really no excuse for not covering up. Sunscreen is cheap, easy to use, and will keep your skin looking younger longer.

3 – Lifestyle Choices

And finally, if it’s bad for your health in general you can rest assured it’s not doing your skin any good either. From eating a poor diet to drinking too much to dehydration to a lack of exercise to poor hygiene and more, anything you know isn’t really in the good health rulebook will impact your skin.