Top drag entertainer , Eureka O’hara , new HBO show We’re Here

Top #drag entertainer Eureka O'Hara from the new HBO show "We're Here" consults with #DrMicheleWare at the Los Feliz Med Spa as season 1 is ready for binge watching. Eureka joins Bob the Drag Queen and ShangelaLaquifa Wadley travel to small cities and towns across the country, transforming locals into [...]

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A 30-Minute Juvederm Filler Appointment Will Change Your Life

Is your face sunken and thin? Do you wish you didn't have as many lines on your face? Do you miss the days of having rosy cheeks and dewy skin? Then a 30-minute Juvederm treatment at The Los Feliz MedSpa might be right for you. What is Juvederm? A dermal [...]

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