Slim model's torsoIt doesn’t always matter how skinny you are or how many squats you do at the gym every day— cellulite affects millions of women with all different body types. Linked to being a genetic disorder, cellulite is something that sometimes just can’t go away. However, by using certified medical techniques, you can help to break down cellulite and give your legs and arms a more smooth and even complexion.



In order to assess what treatment option is best for you, set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon. During the consultation make sure you point out your problem areas and discuss what results you would like to obtain. The doctor will then inspect your thighs or upper arms and determine not only what type of treatment will help you but how many sessions will help to give you the best results.



As one of the most effective cellulite treatment options on the market, your doctor will likely recommend Coolsculpting. As a non-invasive procedure, Coolsculpting is a machine that targets fat areas by pinching the fat. The coolscupting applicator will then freeze the fatty areas, causing them to sluff off and fall away. Depending on how severe your cellulite is, your doctor may reccomend severl Coolsculpting treatments



Because of its non-invasive nature, Coolsculpting doesn’t require any down time. In fact, you could even take a longer lunch break (treatment times are usually around an hour) and then go back to work. Although rare, side effects of Coolsculpting include swelling and bruising. If the side effects persist after a few days, contact your doctor immediately.


If you’re fed up with your cellulite and want to see results you can believe in, consider getting Coolsculpting.


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