We’ve all seen those commercials for over-the-counter ointments like Mederma that helps to visibily reduce the appearance of scars in just a week. However, when it comes down to things such as acne scars, how do these over-the-counter ointments size up? Read on to learn more.


As a chemical peel that’s designed to target the middle layers of your skin and help to rejuvenate the growth of new skin, IPL’s are a great way to help reduce the appearance of acne scars. By placing a chemical component onto your face– which usually involves glycolic acid– you will feel a strong tingly feeling that will last around 5-10 minutes, after which, the dermatologist or aesthetician will remove the chemicals from your face. For the next few days afterwards, your skin may itch a little and your skin will start to slowly slough off. After the skin sloughs off, new layers of skin will be produced and the appearance of acne scars will slowly go away, leaving you with a smoother and more even skin tone. Depending on how severe your acne scars are, you may have to undergo multiple rounds of treatments until you start to see results.

IPL photofacial near me

IPL photofacial near me

Over-the-counter Ointment

These types of ointments are great for things such as a deep cut or scratch, but when it comes to acne scars, they might not be quite as affective. However, if placed directly on the skin during the initial healing proces, an over-the-counter ointment may help reduce the likelihood of scarring. But if used to help eliminate scarred skin that has been that way for years, you likely won’t see any results worth writing home about.

Dealing with acne scars is something that you just want to get rid of. Not only does it remind you of what it was like to go through puberty, but they can sometimes make you feel a little self-conscious when out in public. However, by trying an IPL or by immediately using an over-the-counter ointment before scarring has set in, you can help to reduce the appearance of any facial scars.

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