Thermage is a cosmetic treatment to counter the unwanted signs of aging using a non-invasive technique that involves the use of radiofrequency. Our patients who have undergone Thermage in Los Angeles have already experienced the amazing effects of the treatment. However, it is just normal to have doubts and concerns about it as with any other procedure. So, is Thermage a safe option for you?

Early side effects of Thermage

Ever since the approval of Thermage by the FDA, there have been existing speculations about the negative effects of the procedure. During its early implementations, patients have reported blistering, scabbing, and burning sensations on the treated areas. There have also been accounts about uneven contouring instead of a level skin brought by Thermage. These early problems turned out to have resulted from too much heat, thereby causing the fat in the dermis to melt and cause indentations and bulges in the skin.

Evolution of Thermage

Throughout the years, the administration of Thermage has evolved. Most doctors could attest the procedure is generally safe and effective when properly performed by qualified practitioners.

Although safe, the procedure could still cause pain or discomfort. Most of our patients describe the sensation as burning rubber bands constantly snapping against the face.

Thermage in Los Angeles

Although Thermage has evolved for the last couple of years, it could still be an uncomfortable experience for some. Because of this, it is important to have a qualified practitioner perform the treatment.

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