shutterstock_145765568-1Aging, together with gravity, stress, and other related factors, can take its toll on the skin. Over time, lines and wrinkles may eventually etch in different corners of our face. We could only wish to get rid of them for good, or quite possibly, improve their appearance. It’s a good thing dermal fillers such as Restylane are already available to help us keep our youthful look!

Ideal Candidates for Restylane

Before considering the procedure, it is best to be aware if the treatment is right for you. Although not everyone is eligible to undergo the treatment, most potential patients usually fit the qualifications. Generally, it is a good advice to wait until the patient reaches 18 years old before undergoing a Restylane procedure while waiting for the final changes in the adolescent face to occur. A good candidate for Restylane is also one who has a sound understanding of the limitations and benefits of the treatment, along with mature goals and expectations from the procedure.

Areas Treated with Restylane

Restylane fillers are able to treat areas in the face that have light wrinkles, creases, and deep folds. Common targets of the treatment are fine mouth lines and laugh lines. Restylane is usually advised by the doctor to not only improve the appearance of facial lines, but also to enhance facial contours such as recessive chins, sagging under the eyes, and under-projected cheekbones. The injections may also be used to plump and augment lips. Generally, Restylane is used in any area of the face that has lost volume, smoothness, or contour due to aging and other factors.

Restylane in Los Angeles

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