Laser Hair RemovalAt Los Feliz Med Spa, patients often ask why they should opt for laser hair removal when shaving isn’t that big a deal. While razors do a fair job in removing hair, the results are temporary at best, which means the hair that has been shaved will grow back in a matter of days – an endless cycle.

Though the common razor may seem like a practical choice, most people would actually agree that no temporary solution is ever ideal. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, represents a genuinely accessible and affordable alternative, which is not only wonderfully easy, but has the potential to deliver results that last for life.

There are people who still have the wrong idea about laser hair removal. Some argue that the risks outweigh the benefits, citing the apparent effects laser treatments have on the skin. However, recent advances in laser hair removal have brought about a new generation of safe treatment techniques that are 100% harmless.

Laser hair removal is a carefully planned and controlled process. Damaging areas other than the specific target area of skin is close to impossible. Cosmetic clinics around the world consider the treatment one of the safest. And you could contrast it to the constant scraping caused daily or weekly by razor blades.

Laser hair removal is often a onetime-only procedure, and the hair is gone. Think of the cost savings and the lack of hassle you can look forward to!