As you start to age, your skin is one of the first signs to give away your actual age. At Los Feliz MedSpa, we offer many services to help you combat those pesky signs of aging. One of our services is the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment. It may be something you want to consider.

Clear + BrilliantWhat is Clear + Brilliant skin care?

It helps fight against the natural affects you see when the skin begins to age. Clear + Brilliant laser treatments help improve your skin’s tone and texture, renewing your radiant glow. Not only does it help even out your skin’s appearance, this treatment helps reduce the appearance of your pores, plus Clear + Brilliant will easily work into your existing beauty routine.

Clear + Brilliant is offered by one of our licensed skincare providers and it is proven to help improve the overall appearance of your skin. Smoother skin is what we are all after, and this treatment can help you get just that.

Could it work for you?

Are you already battling the signs of aging, or are you just ready to implement a proactive skincare regimen? Clear + Brilliant can help you with either of those situations.

Gentle laser treatments prevent signs of aging and help reduce the appearance of any dulling effects from time or the environment. Even just one treatment can show you results. Sessions normally take 10 to 20 minutes, and Clear + Brilliant can help give you back your healthy, glowing skin.

You have decided to try Clear + Brilliant — now what?

While the science behind Clear + Brilliant laser treatments is advanced, the individual treatments are easy and simple. You will work with our licensed providers to determine if Clear + Brilliant is right for you, along with the areas that need to be targeted. Typical treatments last about 30 minutes.

Do you have questions about Clear + Brilliant? Call us at 323-664-0186.