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Call #DrMicheleWare #LosFelizMedSpa 323.664.0186 one of the Top Injectors , Lip Injections in the nation @callher6 loves the results and watch her on @hbo @werehere .... #JuvedermUltra #juvedermultraplus #juvederm #botox #Dysport ..... #influencersaesthetic Juvederm is one of our go-to dermal fillers for younger patients who want to maintain their youthful [...]

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3 Neuromodulators to Kick Wrinkles to the Curb

Wrinkles. It should be a 4-letter word. While some of us wear our wrinkles like a well-earned badge of honor, others love to do what we can to reduce the appearance of them. At The Los Feliz MedSpa we use three different types of neuromodulators that can help you banish [...]

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