Los Feliz med spa

Facial injections are quickly becoming a more and more popular options as opposed to facelifts. This is largely because of all the female celebrities who have had them done in a way that looks natural – a way that surprises people when they say they’ve had BOTOX. But what about the injections that don’t look so great? Those women you see who always look surprised, and can’t move their faces to smile or laugh properly. Nobody wants to look that stiff, so to make sure you look younger and glowing, follow these tips below before getting your treatments done!

Choose your doctor carefully

Just because a doctor is certified to perform BOTOX does not mean it will be done well. Many doctors can make a claim to having that piece of paper certifying them, but it takes experience and. A careful and patient hand to how just the right results. At Los Feliz Medspa, you can trust our doctors and staff to do an excellent, precise job every time, paying special attention to the truly a desire.

How matters too

Besides just where the injections are done, how they’re done matters too. Deep lines and creases may require a larger portion of BOTOX – just one injection for that one spot. For finer lines that are in groups such as crow feet, injections are typically more spread out. Speak with before having the injections to learn what methods they will use.

Ask Questions

Be sure to ask your doctor any questions or address any concerns you have before the injections are done. Some good examples include:

  • How will the BOTOX be injected and why.
  • Is there anything I should do after the treatment to extend my results?

BOTOX treatments can look great on anybody! Just be sure to take the right precautions, and you’ll look amazing!