shutterstock_93194989Sometimes our skin can turn its back on us. With fine lines and wrinkles sprouting every now and then, our face can easily lose its natural beauty. Even our favorite beauty products may not be able to correct any of these imperfections.

These skin maladies can be a headache as it takes away your youthful look. Here at our Los Angeles facial rejuvenation practice, many patients choose Fraxel as a tool to address the different signs of aging. You can, too!

The Beauty of Fraxel

A lot of people fail to experience the wonders of this treatment, oftentimes because of the lack of information. Don’t worry. Fraxel is an easy-to-understand procedure you can definitely try.

Fraxel involves the use of fractional laser to correct different skin problems. The light energy passes through the skin’s top layer, such as light does through glass. When it reaches the dermis, it creates thousands of microscopic damage to the area. This is a good thing, though, since it stimulates our system’s healing response by producing new collagen and replacing old, damaged surfaces with new skin.

The Fraxel Procedure

Using a handheld device, pulses of light energy are emitted. Small fractions of skin are treated at a time to ensure that every area is corrected. The good thing about Fraxel is that it does not harm surrounding, healthy areas. Usually, patients report an increased sensation of heat as the treatment is done. However, topical anesthesia may be applied to minimize any discomfort throughout the procedure. The handheld device also emits a cool stream of air to increase patient comfort.

Fraxel in Los Angeles

Experience Fraxel and look and feel beautiful! Call us today at 323-664-0186 to schedule an appointment with one of our skin care experts here at Los Feliz MedSpa. We look forward to meeting you!