Who isn’t a candidate for Thermage?
Thermage is NOT for any patients with active implants (cardiac pacemaker or permanent implant in treatment area), significant concurrent illness (such as diabetes, congestive heart disease, epilepsy), active infections, immunosuppressive diseases including AIDS and HIV infection, use of immunosuppressive medications, and pregnant or nursing patients.

Is there any preparation for the treatment? 
Remove all makeup and skin care products prior to the treatment. If treating the eyes, remove contact lenses. Remove all jewelry and notify your medical provider if you have any tattooed area or permanent makeup on the face prior to treatment. Take prescriptions 45-60 minutes prior to your appointment on a full stomach.

What should I avoid after the treatment? 
Do not irritate the treated area chemically (anti-aging/acne products) or mechanically for 3 days after treatment or until your skin feels back to normal. If the area is irritated, treat gently – do not cleanse or rub with a face cloth or towel. If medication was taken prior to treatment, do not drive or operate machinery for 4 hours after treatment.

How long until I can resume my usual activities? 
You can resume usual activities right away though you may want to exercise the following day to avoid sweating.