CLUB EVLOVE (Our Exclusive Membership) is a safe and effective way to build muscle using (HIFEM) technology. Your 6 month membership consists of 4 EMSCULPT and 12 EMSELLA treatments. The Emsella Chair is for improved Sexual Health and treatment of incontinence in addition to other pelvic floor related disorders. BUILD MUSCLE * SEXUAL HEALTH * INCONTINENCE – Call Now 323.664.0186

This is a 6 month transformation package utilizing 2 treatment technologies. One being EmSculpt, which uses an electromagnetic field to stimulate muscle contraction and thereby build muscle. It can be used for the abs, buttox, arms & calves. It would consist of 4 treatments over the course of two weeks. The second treatment, Emsella, uses a similar modality to stimulate muscle contraction on a chair- like device. The pelvic floor muscles are treated, having a wide range of benefits including the treatment of incontinence, improved blood circulation & sexual health. This treatment series consists of an initial 6 over 3 weeks. We’ve included 6 additional maintenance treatments as well. Happy to get you scheduled for a complimentary consultation for it if you like to find out more.