3 Neuromodulators to Kick Wrinkles to the Curb

Wrinkles. It should be a 4-letter word. While some of us wear our wrinkles like a well-earned badge of honor, others love to do what we can to reduce the appearance of them. At The Los Feliz MedSpa we use three different types of neuromodulators that can help you banish [...]

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Botox – Does It Work?

Wrinkles and fine lines are a sign of aging skin. They can mar the appearance of a beautiful face and give you an old look—even if you are young!. The development of these creases at a young age is a frustrating thing, especially for women. No one likes to be [...]

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It’s Okay to Use Botox (Even Celebs Are Proud of It)!

One common reason why some people do not entertain the idea of Botox and other cosmetic treatments is the fear of looking unnatural after the procedure. However, many people have received this treatment and have gained satisfying results. Get it from Hollywood stars who proudly admit that they use Botox. Even [...]

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How to Look Natural With BOTOX

Los Feliz med spa Facial injections are quickly becoming a more and more popular options as opposed to facelifts. This is largely because of all the female celebrities who have had them done in a way that looks natural - a way that surprises people when they say they've had [...]

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Undecided Between Botox and Fillers: Which to Choose?

One of the most common questions from first-time visitors here at our Los Angeles nonsurgical cosmetic practice is which injectable works best for them -- would it be the most popular Botox or should they consider dermal fillers? If you’ve spent a lot of time doing some research but has [...]

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