The staff of the Los Feliz Med Spa that provides CoolSculpting treatments is a team of highly trained experts

Dr. Michele Ware loves the Med Spa. The staff of the #LosFeliz #MedSpa that provides #CoolSculpting treatments is a team of highly trained experts who’ve been doing CoolSculpting for several years and know how to assess the body. The staff consists of medical providers, medical assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants and are the only people who will be providing the CoolSculpting procedures. Dr Michele Ware is involved in every treatment that happens at the Los Feliz Med Spa and has been in the industry for over 15 years. Dr. Michele Ware is the medical director and ensures the entire staff is properly trained. The Los Feliz Med Spa is a family and develops relationships with its patients and employees.


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