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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Unwanted hair is very frustrating, no matter where it is on the body. Although it is a problem for both sexes, traditional female standards of beauty have made it more in demand among women. This excess hair production usually happens because of hirsutism, or an increase in the production of androgens (male hormones in the […]

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The Secret to Kim K’s Flawless Face

With media giving us constant updates about Hollywood celebrities, it has become too easy to notice the changes in Kim Kardashian’s face throughout the years. The reality star has had photographs of her with baby hair on her forehead and a much lower hairline during her first years hitting the headlines. However, a lot has changed […]

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Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Shaving, waxing, tweezing and depilatory creams may work to keep hair away temporarily, but they can also take up a lot of your time! Shaving requires almost daily time, while waxing involves painfully ripping out hair every few weeks, and no matter how hard they try, depilatory creams will never smell good! These reasons and […]

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