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Kim Rhodes on IPL Photo Facials

View this post on Instagram Actress @kimrhodes4reals , IPL Photo Facial Testimonial – — IPL photo facials are able to significantly improve the appearance of skin by improving its appearance after too much sun exposure, removing age spots, erasing freckles, reducing pigmentation, resolving acne, and even treating redness that results from broken capillaries. A post […]

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Natural Woman

IPL Vs Over-the-counter scar treatment

We’ve all seen those commercials for over-the-counter ointments like Mederma that helps to visibily reduce the appearance of scars in just a week. However, when it comes down to things such as acne scars, how do these over-the-counter ointments size up? Read on to learn more. IPL As a chemical peel that’s designed to target […]

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