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2 Treatments to Exfoliate: Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion?

Although they are sometimes confused thanks to similar results, chemical peels and microdermabrasion are actually very, very different. Not only are they used to treat different levels of skin, but they use completely different techniques. The Los Feliz MedSpa offers these two treatments to exfoliate, and we can help you decide which treatment is right […]

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You Ask, We Answer: Are Chemical Peels Safe?

Today, there are many different options to achieve facial rejuvenation. What was once only possible through surgery can now be achieved non-invasively. Chemical peels are one of those non-invasive options. But the term “chemical,” as well as myths surrounding the procedure, make it easy for potential patients to avoid chemical peels. Let’s address some issues. […]

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What Chemical Peels Can Do For You

Cosmetic procedures come and go over the years but if you haven’t noticed, chemical peels have been mainstays in cosmetic clinics and spas for a while now. This just goes to show that chemical peels actually work and most people are actually satisfied with its results. Here at our Los Angeles nonsurgical cosmetic practice, chemical […]

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